Bestchange Bitcoin Faucet Review 2019

Bestchange is a free online service for finding electronic money exchangers, online banking and money transfers. There are more than 50 exchanger registered at This Site and the service receives information about currency exchange rates and commission fees from each of them in real time.

You can not only compare rates from various exchangers and choose the best one among them, but also select exchanger for a double exchange if the direct exchange between the currencies is unavailable at the moment.

The promotional text with a link that you can publish on your site, in blogs, on forums, in question and answer services, on social networks, in bookmark services will get users to and you will receive a a guaranteed reward for visits.


Orium Airdrop – Earn 700 ORM tokens or 1 USD after a successful registration

Orium Airdrop – Earn 700 ORM tokens or 1 USD after a successful registration


is based on Ethereum network and have the eco-system of fair P2P mobile game and focus on entertainment. ORIUM is already trading on ETHERC Exchange.

Airdrop description:

Get 700 ORM tokens with Orium Airdrop


Join their Telegram group.
Follow them on Twitter, retweet pinned tweet and mention 5 friends in comment.
Subscribe on Youtube.
Submit your details in the form.
You will get 700 ORM tokens.


Telegram account
Twitter account
Youtube account
Email address


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Tokrex Airdrop – Sign up and get 20 TOX tokens plus 50 TOX every referral

Tokrex Airdrop – Sign up and get 20 TOX tokens plus 50 TOX every referral

Tokrex airdrop is worth 20 TOX tokens (~$ 7.60) and 50 TOX (~$ 19) for every referral.

About Tokrex

Tokrex is a cryptographic fully decentralized real-time exchange. Tokrex Foundation has a knowledge and technology portfolio that provides a professional ecosystem for complete, decentralized trading of cryptocurrencies and assets.

How to join Tokrex Airdrop?

  1. Go to the Tokrex site.
  2. Sign up using your Facebook, mail or phone number.
  3. You will receive 20 TOX tokens.
  4. Share your referral link to receive 50 TOX tokens for every referral.

Estimated value: 7.16 usd + referral

Thor Swap Airdrop – Earn 250 THT when you sign-up and another 250 THT for every referral

Thor Swap Airdrop – Earn 250 THT when you sign-up and another 250 THT for every referral

Thor Swap

Thor Swap airdrop is worth 250 THT tokens and earn 250 THT tokens for every referral.



About Thor Swap

Thor Network is born for asset trading. The trading models that it has planned to support include anonymous exchange of spot digital assets, limit orders, market orders, auctions of non-fungible assets, and etc., and will continue to improve based on the market demand in the future, such as establishing a decentralized trading market for derivatives.

How to join Thor Swap Airdrop?

  1. Go to the Thor Swap Airdrop page.
  2. Submit your details and sign up. Verify your mail afterwards and log in.
  3. Click on ”Get more THT” in order to get your referral link.
  4. Share your referral link to earn 250 THT for every Sign-up or transaction accomplished by a referral.


Additional Infos:

– 250 THT per airdrop

– every referral, additional 250 THT



RENTO Airdrop – Claim 83 free RTO Tokens worth $10

RENTO Airdrop – Claim 83 free RTO Tokens worth $10

Rento airdrop is worth 83 RTO tokens (~$ 10) to the top 20,000 ranked airdrop participants and an additional 200 entries for every referral. The Top 1,000 participants with the most entries will receive big additional rewards.


About Rento

Rento is a global rental platform where anyone can rent or borrow any item, space, or service. Rento capitalizes on the growing trend of a sharing economy. It aims to utilize blockchain technology to develop a secure, automated sharing ecosystem.


How to join Rento Airdrop?

  1. Go to the Rento Airdrop page.
  2. Submit your Ethereum wallet address and details.
  3. Check your inbox and confirm your email.
  4. Complete as many social tasks to earn up to 1821 entries.
  5. Share your referral link to get 200 additional entries for each friend.

Additional infos:

-83 tokens per airdrop

-plus referral


Enjoy the luxury of having options. Don’t limit Yourself. Rento — freedom of choice


Like this post? Comment down your thoughts and don’t forget to Share this with your friends! – A High Performance Exchange That Rewards User for Trading? – A High Performance Exchange That Rewards User for Trading? is the global operator of an innovative digital asset trading platform with a broad range of products and services for global retail and institutional clients. With its relentless focus on transparency, reliability, and quality of execution and client services, has established itself as a clear leader in the crypto trading and exchange space.

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With a core management team comprised of experienced executives from Wall Street top-tier institutions, Deutsche Bank, Barcays Capital, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs, as well as highly skilled technical leaders with academic credentials from top-tier global institutions such as Columbia University, the University of Chicago, and Peking University, the team has attracted strategic investment from top venture capitals including Matrix Partners China, FBG Capital, BitMain, and Danhua Capital. Since its launch on August 13, the platform has registered over 50,000 users across the globe and now boasts 25 active crypto trading pairs, with additional listings under review. Beyond having an institutional-grade platform, an experienced management team led by Wall Street quant trading veterans, and the backing of top-notch VC firms, is also highly user-focused and provides a wide range of client-focused services and benefits for its users.

The first of many benefits provides is record low transaction fees: On October 10th, 2018, adjusted its trading fees from 0.1% to 0.04%, the lowest transaction fee in the industry. Furthermore, thanks to trading innovations such as transaction-fee based “Trans-Fee Mining,” provides high levels of liquidity while also allowing traders to earn BTMX, native tokens, as an alternate source of exchange income. In addition to the financial benefits of the platform, also provides exceptional infrastructure support and seamless trading experiences, thanks to 24/7 global operations, real-time trade settlement, high trading frequencies, and the fastest transaction rates in the industry at 400k TPS. also features deep and highly liquid order books. Not only is the platform’s infrastructure, mining models, and trading services designed to deliver high liquidity, but also due to the team’s in-depth wealth of experience and resources in the industry, it has been able to strike strategic partnerships with other platforms to deliver unprecedented services to its customers. Two of these partnerships, formed with Indian crypto exchanges Giottuss and Coindelta, will facilitate the sharing of order books across all three exchanges, thereby creating a deeper and a richer user base across the globe and providing users with higher liquidity and security from price fluctuations during trades.

The development of industry partnerships, the ability to attract users and strategic investments, and the introduction of innovative mining models that provide traders with alternative sources of income all play in favor of’s future growth and success as a trading platform. As part of its growth, is publishing detailed distribution rules for BTMX tokens that are mined during transaction mining, which are as follows.

Distribution rules

Since BTMX tokens constitute a new form of utility value on the platform, BTMX token holders who agree to share transaction data will receive further platform benefits as an incentive to continue holding BTMX. will pay users for BTMX usage data, including mining, execution price, and other token circulation information in order to better manage BTMX statistics on the platform. Users who sign up and agree to share their token transaction information with will have 80% of the total platform transaction fee revenue distributed back to them.

Furthermore, in order to stabilize the daily distribution rate that is in effect every day, a Data Usage Fee Pool (“the Pool”) will be set up using 80% of net transaction fee revenues. The Pool will redistribute 1/180 of the balance back to BTMX holders.

Daily Deposit into the Pool = Daily Net Transaction Fee * 80%
Daily Distribution of the Pool = Daily Data Usage Fee Pool Balance / 180
Individual Share of Platform Data Usage Distribution = Daily Distribution of the Pool * (24HR Weighted Average BTMX position / Aggregation of Total User Effective BTMX Position)Daily settlements of data usage fee distribution will start at UTC 00:00 based on the previous 24-hour distribution amount and will be paid into individual user accounts on at UTC 04:00 in the currency in which user transactions were executed. has quickly risen to levels of prominence in the cryptocurrency trading and exchange space. It provides traders with revenue-generating trading models such as transaction mining that differentiates maker vs taker trades, along with user-friendly features such as the real-time settlement of trades and institutional-grade trading architectures that support seamless trading experiences. High liquidity, deep order books, and easy-to-use trading and investment services designed by the highly technical and experienced management team also add to’s service offerings, ensuring robust growth and improved user features and services in the future.




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Edit Photos and Videos on Photogrid App and Earn COS token

Edit Photos and Videos on Photogrid App and Earn COS token

Photogrid App

is one of the best and oldest app for pic collage, video grid and photo editing. Makes your photo editing much easier, and turn users into photo-editing masters in a snap! Photogrid is an all-in-one photo editor, and mind-blowing collage maker now added MONEY MAKING FEATURE!


What’s COS?

COS is a token designed specifically for the content creation industry and is considered as Bitcoin for content. It’s the main currency used in Contentos, the content platform that it built on blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies to facilitate content creation.



Click Download button below and Register. App is available both on Google Play store and App store.


After you completed the registration process, input my invite code “PJYDANMZ” for extra 200 PG points that can be converted to COS Token or Contentos. Also you can use the points to redeem stickers and premium trial.

How to Earn More COS?

  • Complete tasks to get COS rewards.

  • Complete tasks to get COS rewards.

  • Download and register on dApps partners Cheez & PhotoGrid from the Contentos homepage, or bind existing accounts to earn COS.


Make sure to Go to Contentos main website. Create and Bind your Photogrid account to for more dApps and earning opportunity to get COS token for free. Visit CoinSupra for free cryptocurrency tips and tutorials.



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Boost WiFi Signal and Turn PC into Hotspot using Virtual Router

Boost WiFi Signal and Turn PC into Hotspot using Virtual Router

Virtual Router is a free, open source software based router for PCs running Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2. Using Virtual Router, users can wirelessly share any internet connection (Wifi, LAN, Cable Modem, Dial-up, Cellular, etc.) with any Wifi device (Laptop, Smart Phone, iPod Touch, iPhone, Android Phone, Zune, Netbook, wireless printer, etc.

Simply click download button below.



Where can Virtual Router be used?



No Ads, So NO Hassle!

Unlike similar applications, Virtual Router is not only completely Free, but will not annoy you with any advertisements. Also, since Virtual Router is not ad-supported, it does not track your web traffic the way other ad-supported applications do/can.

The Wireless Network create/shared with Virtual Router uses WPA2 Encryption, and there is not way to turn off that encryption. This is actually a feature of the Wireless Hosted Network API’s built into Windows 7 and 2008 R2 to ensure the best security possible.

You can give your “virtual” wireless network any name you want, and also set the password to anything. Just make sure the password is at least 8 characters.


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Top 10 Lists of The Oldest and Best Scam-Free Bitcoin Faucets

Top 10 Lists of The Oldest and Best Scam-Free Bitcoin Faucets

There’re tons of bitcoin faucets today that come and go but today’s post will be a review to those who haven’t yet read my old post on How to Start earning on Bitcoin. The sites that i’m going to mention are the topnotch and the king of kings of Bitcoin Faucets that remains solid and forever will be there because CryptoCurrency is gaining a lot of  popularity through the years. And as a beginner, I feel you on when and where to start since I am also struggling 3 years ago without any knowledge on “Bitcoin”. But if you want to learn, Google will help you!

CREATE A BITCOIN WALLET: Now I’m going to share with you my experience before when Bitcoin price isn’t this expensive. Before i had no idea on where to earn bitcoin but as what I had mentioned, there’s Google that has been with me until now. I came across to this website that allows you to earn 50 Philippines Peso or 1 USD and in bitcoin (0.0001 btc) just by registering here and verifying your identity (Identification Card) and it’ll automatically credited to your wallet. But if you are not from Philippines, don’t worry because you can register on Coinbase and earn $10 by referring friends!

Because you’re done creating bitcoin wallet which is very important because that’s where you’ll gonna store your bitcoin earnings.


A bitcoin faucet is a reward system, in the form of a website or app, that dispenses rewards in the form of a satoshi, which is a hundredth of a millionth BTC, for visitors to claim in exchange for completing a captcha or task as described by the website. Credits: Wikipedia

Below are my lists of the best source to earn free bitcoin. And even though you can’t earn that much unlike before where freebitcoin site rewards the users 200 satoshis every hour! while now it went down to 10 satoshis every hour. why? because of the market value.

Still loyal on freebitcoin since this site gave me a lot of bitcoins before when price was very low.

I made this post generally for new/beginner in cryptocurrency and i would like to share it with you now. i personally recommend these sites because up to now these faucets are my favorites and 1000% percent SCAM FREE!  Register

SwissAdsPaysFaucet Register Register Register

Bitfun Register

Kickass Traffic Register

Eobot Register

Mellow Ads Faucet Register

Mellow Ads Site Register

Bestchange Register


TradeSatoshi Exchange Review – Scam or Legit? Final Verdict!

TradeSatoshi Exchange Review – Scam or Legit? Final Verdict!

TradeSatoshi Exchange is a multi-digital currency trade with Service Centers situated in London. Exchange Satoshi offers exchanging sets, for example, BTC/BCH, BTC/DASH, BTC/ETH, BTC/LTC, BTC/BTCZ, BTC/BCD and so on. It likewise furnishes clients with distributed storage, two-factor verification, live reinforcements, and encoded wallets.

See increasingly here:


0% + exchange expense

Last Verdict:

I prescribe this trade stage for learners that wouldn’t like to go out on a limb in spending coins. You can truly acquire in exchanging those coins that you asserted most particularly to BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DOGE, and USDT. I cherish how I can acquire on exchange satoshi by guaranteeing regularly on their spigot and trade it with different coins.

I have been utilizing exchange satoshi for quite a while and this is the thing that I have found. Truly, they are moderate with exchanges. Just to get BTCZ kept into the record takes 6, 10, 12, 16 hours! Genuine exchanging does not take long. It requires the typical investment that an exchange would take. Be that as it may, I can genuinely let you know getting reserves stored takes completely excessively long.

Presently, all things considered, they do have a strife visit channel which can be useful you can talk with a portion of the administrator individuals there, and there is a talk room in the trade itself with is ambiguously valuable. Regardless of the way that they take unreasonably long for stores to process, and I realize the issue is their ally since I’ll take a gander at the square chain and see more than 100 affirmations into my wallet at the trade yet at the same time no store then hours after the fact its there….but, what I’ve found is that their market costs are in any event reasonable, their charges are reasonable, and they are straightforward. They have never lost my crypto or anything like that. Along these lines, for trustworthiness I give them a gold star which notwithstanding cosmically, outrageously, foolishly, (if you don’t mind embed some other descriptor you can consider here) long store times, that genuineness runs far with me.