3 iPHone 11 PRO and 50000 INSTAR Token Giveaway by INSTARS


 is a platform where you could earn cryptocurrency for participating in polls.  Gain control of your data – decide who gets it, and earn money with each transaction. With the Instars app, they’re bringing data transparency and fairness back to you. With instars app, you can select what personal information you want to upload to our data network, decide who you want to share it with, and get paid in Instar tokens with each transaction. Instar is a cryptocurrency token backed by the Insights Network team.

They’ve been trained at MIT, Stanford, and YCombinator to keep our data safe.

instars iphone 11 pro giveaway

To give back, they are giving away 3 iPhone 11 PRO and 50, 000 to users that help help them spread the word out. 

Invite your friends to instars to help  get the word out and your chance to win 3 iPhone 11 Pros and over 50,000 $INSTAR up for grabs! #iphone11 #Crypto #Giveaway



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