Claim Daily using Horizen Faucet and earn 4 USD daily

Claim daily using Horizen faucet daily earns you increased bonuses. Collect your $ZEN 5 days in a row to receive one BONUS ROUND! Don’t forget to join us on our holiday bonus days too!

Follow 3 simple steps below:

  1. Register on ZEN faucet site using your gmail account and verify it.
  2. Copy your Binance ZEN deposit address and paste it in the faucet site. Make sure you got Binance account cause you need a ZEN deposit address for your earnings. So If you haven’t registered on the site, get a free account here.
  3. Claim and you’re Done! Just wait for your free money to arrive.

Easily Earn $TRX with these DaPPs

  1. PlayRoyal
  3. Bankroll
  4. Lucky
  5. Rocketgame
  6. Betfury







bitcoin classic crypto meth review

Complete Activities and Get Free Bitcoin Classic Token on Buzzin Bounty

Bitcoin Classic

Coin Ticker: (BitcoinXC)

Re-implements the original bitcoin protocol as #Satoshi originally intended it. They have multiple desktop, mobile, and web wallets available to ensure their blockchain is available to everyone. Their goal is to be a stable and predictably reliable platform on which companies and individuals can build businesses and control their finances

Bitcoin Classic’s IEO / ICO and will take place on in 2 places. You can buy BitcoinXC for BTC and USDT.

How to Get Bitcoin Classic for Free on Buzzin Bounty?

  1. Register on Buzzin Bounty
  2. Start doing simple tasks for free ethereum and more tokens added daily.
  3. Either keep tokens, or convert it with ethereum.
  4. Refer friends for more points.
Create Bitcoin Classic Wallet:
WEB Wallet:
Desktop Wallet:
who is bitsahara

WHO IS BITSAHARA – Introduction and Giveaway


Global Initiative to Grow BTC Lightning Network Adoption.  The Team grows to 4,050 Twitter follower as of writing this.  I learned a lot from them  from basic to creating invoices. It is easy and very fast. Lightning Indeed!

I have heard from them about #LightningNetwork and how to use it and this amaze me how lightning fast they sent sats unlike sending sats the wallet to wallet. I mean the classic way lol. Then Wallet of Satoshi has partnered with Bitsahara where supporters grew rapidly.


Bitsahara first giveaway


Because I have been their solid supporter, I also shared to the community half of my earnings from participating Bitsahara’s daily giveaway. #earnwhileyoulearn


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Wallet of Satoshi Honest Review – The Simplest Bitcoin Lightning Wallet

How to get your first satoshi?




wallet of satoshi lightning wallet

Wallet of Satoshi Honest Review – The Simplest Bitcoin Lightning Wallet

Wallet of Satoshi is the newest trending lightning network app to send and receive Lightning payments. 

Both works on android and iOs users. It is a zero-configuration custodial wallet with a focus on simplicity and the best possible user experience.

Download Wallet of Satoshi now!



What is exactly a Lightning Wallet? 

Lightning Wallet is a “Layer 2” payment protocol that operates on top of a blockchain-based cryptocurrency. It enables fast transactions between participating nodes and has been touted as a solution to the Bitcoin scalability problem. 


Top Facts on Wallet of Satoshi:

  • I’m in love with Wallet of Satoshi mainly it’s name and logo.
  • Very straight and legit #LightningNetworkWallet.
  • I love the entire UI, simplicity at it’s best and robust.
  • Available on App store and Google Play store.
  • Shop directly in-app with lots of merchants to choose.
Follow us on Twitter to Start Stacking Satoshis!


Bither Faucet App

Bither Faucet App now available on Android users

may be a regulator web site wherever guests square measure rewarded by Bithers.

– strive your luck each two hours taking part in our game and win up to twenty five Bithers.
– Invite your friends by your referral link and obtain rewards adequate twenty fifth of their earnings.
– All you would like to try and do is to accumulate a minimum of eight Bithers in your account, you’ll be able to withdraw your tokens.


What is Bither Platform?

The design of Bither is intended to attenuate the process resources needed for safeguarding the network, by doing thus, a little of the computing power, by the miners alternative and in an exceedingly democratic means are often driven towards scientific comes that square measure in want of computing power to method massive knowledge. During this means, Bither provides captive accord mechanism with a a lot of economical framework.



medooza airdrop

Medooza Airdrop – Earn $1 daily with Faucet

Medooza Airdrop is worth 10 MDZA coins (~$ 1) every day. Share your faucet and wallet referral links to earn up to 2 MDZA coins (~$ 0.2) for every referral.

How to get free MDZ?

~Go to MEDOZA  Airdrop faucet and create wallet.
~Submit your MDZ Wallet address
~Earn up to $30 usd per month with MDZ Faucet
~Sign up for their Affliate program and share your referral links to your friends.

Claim FREE 10 MDZA tokens every day! Up to 30$/Month.Click now!

How much will I earn?

10 MDZ = $1 plus referral $$$$

bestchange free bitcoin faucet

Online Currency Exchanger with Free BTC Faucet

Bestchange is an online currency exchanger that offers a lot of ways from digital currencies, money transfer, cash and more. It is a specialized online e-currency exchange service that monitors rates for dozens of popular conversion pairs in near real-time and offers one-click access to lists of reliable e-currency exchangers capable of helping you complete your transaction quickly and efficiently.

Affiliate Program

Bestchange does pays to its Affiliates when you  promote the site and bring customers to their page.

Electronic money exchange rates listing

Free Bitcoin Faucet

Inside Bestchange dashboard, you can see Free BTC faucet on the left part of your dashboard. Make sure you add your BTC address for payout. If you don’t have BTC wallet, you can sign up on Coinbase. They also use Paypal as an option for your payout.






ATOM Giveaway

100 ATOM Monthly Giveaway – Rewards of POZ Bakerz

To participate on this airdrop, please follow the step by step tutorial below.

1.Download wallet here:
2.Install and create your wallet.
3.Join Rewards Program of POZ Bakerz here:
4.Sign up with your details and don’t forget to paste your ATOM wallet you created.
5.Verify your email address.
6.Invite a friend
7.Join telegram group:  Join telegram channel:
8. Complete all social media tasks to earn entries (points)


100 ATOM will split among to 3 lucky winners,

+1st in the ranking will earn ~+50 ATOM ~ $250

+ 2nd-10th will earn 2 ATOM ~ $10 each

+ 11th-32nd will earn 1 ATOM ~ $5 each

Good luck! 🙂

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BiUP and EXSHELL airdrop

BiUP and EXSHELL Joint IEO BLUCON – 5 hours to go till airdrop ends

Airdrop Campaign ends: April 20th today (Beijing time)

After completion of the following task, you will get 150 BEP once its listed in BLUCON (lockup period is 2 months, after that you are eligble to trade your BEP tokens $$$).


1 BEP is equivalent to 0.033USDT so therefore, 150 BEP will be sent to you and you earned 4.95 USDT!


Make sure you have BiUP account before you join this airdrop campaign and for USDT bonus, if not yet registered please sign up on BiUP Exchange.

You must download BiUP app so that you will get rewarded for daily check-ins.


BiUP and EXSHELL airdrop


Step by step guide to join:

1. Fill in your infos:
2. Follow BiUP twitter account: @BiUP_Official
3. Join BLUCON telegram group.:
4. Join CryptoAirdropx telegram channel:
5. Join CryptoAirdropx telegram group:

6. Most imporant, register on Exshell Exchange.

7. Input referral code: e9e23

More infos:

If you participate in BiUP BEP subscription and subscribe more than 200 BEP, then the 150 BEP will be tradable without lock up period.