How to make money using spare computers at home with CUDO Miner

Do you have spare computers at home and want to make extra money at home? Make extra money using your computer at home without simply mining cryptocurrencies. If you aren’t familiar yet with cryptocurrencies make sure to check out my previous post here.

Now if you are ready, get your ass to your computer and register first on their site using my link which automatically gives you instant 5,000 satoshi coin. After you register and confirm your email address, they automatically give you the CUDO Miner’s download link.

CUDO MINER provides a easy-to-set-up, highly profitable way to mine cryptocurrency using your computers, with features unmatched by other leading mining software.

There are 7 options you can choose which coin you want to mine. (BTC, AEON, Vertcoin, Monero, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Ravencoin.)


CUDO coins


Features of CUDO Miner:

~The 5,000 satoshi bonus deposited when you confirmed registration.


~Miner dashboard interface is neat and very detailed.

~Auto coin switching for maximum mining profitability.

~Computers with CPU and GPU can enjoy this miner.

~Very user friendly, and very easy to set-up even novices.

~You are still earning while your PC is idle.

~Most profitable to those  who already had their set-up for that coin. (More $$$)

~It mines profitable coins for you to earn and you decide which coins you want be paid.

~Low minimum withdrawal amount of 0.0025 BTC or similar if other coin is choosen.


CUDO Miner deducts tiny $5 mining commission and 1.5% withdrawal fee.



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