Payment Proof of Brave Browser for Publisher – 100% LEGIT!

Brave browser is one of the most downloaded browser today to those people that value their privacy. Brave browser is like Chrome but the difference between the two is that you will earn a lot of money in Brave just by downloading it and referring your friends to install it to their PC or even their mobile phones. Every time a person downloads the app/software using your referral link, you earn.


This is just what I love the most with Brave. Being a publisher, webmaster, blogger or a youtuber you will earn the most out of this browser.


You simply add channel:

add your channel on brave browser


I chose website, so if you have a website, just simply add the domain name.

add domain on brave publisher

For more information about Brave, read my previous post here.


After adding, you will get a code which you will need to embed the code on your site to start earning when a visitor visits on your site.


Register on Uphold. You can’t withdraw your earnings without uphold. Brave automatically send BAT tokens (your earning) to uphold.


My Payment Proof:

brave payment


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