Belacam Review – A Social Media Site that Pays in Crypto

Belacam is a social media site that pays users in Bela when their photos get ‘likes’. With hundreds of early access testers, we’ve been able to improve the site to near perfection. Belacam will open to the world to compete with other social media sites like Instagram and Steemit.

Launch: July 2018




Belacam is a photo sharing site, like Instagram, where you get paid $.05 – $.10 for each like your photo gets. The site has been in development for 18 months and launched to the publicast July!

Referral Program

Belacam are paying up to $3 per person that you refer to Belacam. The more people you refer, the more you earn per referral. Share your Belacam referral link with others, and when they sign up through that link, we will credit Bela to your account.

Stake your Bela

New tokens are minted through Proof-of-Stake (POS) using the contract’s internal staking function. If you stake Bela to maturity for the required 30 days, you will receive a share of minted Bela directly proportional to the amount you staked.  Read this on  how to stake your bela.

Get Bela Wallets

Bela’s ERC20 smart contract address is 0x2e98a6804e4b6c832ed0ca876a943abd3400b224





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Bountyhive Review – A Bounty Platform for ICO’s and Bounty Hunters

Are you guys tired of joining ICO projects that isn’t paying? A lot of ICO projects today is in lane, but can’t figure out if this project is worth your hard work signing up and sharing their platform in all social media platforms? Isn’t it frustrating?

Worry no more. I’ve got you! You are in the right place because i will share to you this amazing platform, with amazing people who gave their heart to study every ICO projects that comes. is a Bounty Platform for ICO’s and bounty hunters like us, they helped every hunters to earn without worrying.


  • Due to their fast result-yielding nature, bounties have grown over the past few years to become the best method of marketing an ICO. Bountyhive is here to eliminate all the hoops a company goes through when launching a Bounty Campaign and make it easier for Bounty Hunters to complete their tasks, providing the means for building a strong and close community for your ICO.


  • We take care of all the hassle, ensuring the validity of both ICOs and Bounty Hunters and constantly monitoring your campaign so no issues arise on either side. Besides this, we handle the distribution of tokens, ensuring that you can focus on what’s important, whereas Bounty Hunters know they will be paid on time and have a trusted source to contact if any problem arises.


It is worth noting that, according to words of the portal administration, a huge number of different projects are knocked on the platform every day, but after careful selection by BH team, only the best projects reach the placement.

The main advantage of the portal for Bounty Hunter is that there are absolutely no Google tables, there is no need to send reports, because the platform automatically checks all your actions. The work is almost automatic, without having to open a large number of tabs and fill out various registration forms, of all colors and sizes.

The dream of many Bounty Hunters! I will add from myself that this is an excellent opportunity for people who only begin to know about the world of crypto-currencies, bounty campaigns and trading, without much exertion to earn some money for their first step in this, without doubts, new, interesting and full of capabilities world, world of blockchain. Don’t think twice. Be a PRO BOUNTY HUNTER NOW!





Best MultiCurrency Miner Sites 2018

Best Multi-Currency Miner Sites 2018

The following are the arrangements of the most astounding paying CryptoCurrency digger destinations you have to experiment with. These destinations are allowed to utilize and will rely upon clients to redesign their hashes to gain more and payout quick!

I have entirety up the main “cream of the yield” of every site for you to pick effortlessly on which will be which. The following are the best and genuine cloud mining sites.While different destinations, (that are recorded beneath) were extraordinary, it’s an or more to the individuals who possesses a site! They can adapt their site utilizing for instance the Coinimp, Gridcash and Computta.

1. Minergate – is a mining pool made by gathering of cryptocoin fans.

2. Coinimp – JavaScript minining answer for website admins. Program Miner for Monero (XMR) money, 0% expense, moment enlistment, most noteworthy execution available.

3. Nicehash –  is hashing power commercial center where you can mine altcoins and get paid in bitcoins or you can purchase hashing power from different diggers (cloud mining).

4. Eobot – is an ongoing trade permitting exchanging between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ripple, Dash, Golem, BitShares, CureCoin, NEM, Monero, Zcash.

5. Computta –  is a first of a benevolent administration made by cryptographic money experts to empower anybody and everybody’s PC to profit for their proprietors.

6. Gridcash – subsidiary program to adapt the traffic because of mining cryptographic money Monero(XMR) from the programs of guests.

7. Hashtoro – offers cloud-based cryptographic money administrations for standard clients just as organizations that need to enter in digital currency mining yet can not bear to buy or place gear for mining on their destinations and who need to expand his very own portfolio crosswise over mining stages utilizing

8. Getcryptotab – Earn bitcoin without the troubles of purchasing costly machines.