Fresh Lists of Paying URL Shortening Sites August 2018

Earning money is easy using this URL Shortening tool. You only just have to shrink/shortened your very long URL and you get paid every user who views it. To start earning, register to one of the best sites that are listed below and then share it everywhere, share it on social media sites! The more viewers, the more money you earn! Refer users!   Important:  To those of you who are planning to create a bitcoin faucet site,or whatever Crypto-currencies, just ask me anything.  But This are my faucets that i created using Faucetbox Ultimate.  These are my faucet sites using the Faucetbox Ultimate plus the integration of the best URL  shorteners.    

URL Shortening Sites that Pays and Confirmed 2018

Legit URL Shortening Sites that i Personally use for my faucets and with the help of the faucetbox ultimate maker script. The faucet script he made was the best so far and 101% is free.
Shortlink.liveRegister Payout Confirmed
Short2winRegisterPayout Confirmed
Okei.ioRegisterPayout Confirmed
Clicksfly.comRegisterPayout Confirmed
Za.glRegisterPayout Confirmed
Earnbig.caRegisterPayout Confirmed
Linkrex.netRegisterPayout Confirmed
Tmearn.comRegisterPayout Confirmed
Cryptoskipad.comRegisterPayout Confirmed
Adspuma.comRegisterPayout Confirmed
Bitstlk.comRegisterPayout Confirmed
Cashat.netRegisterPayout Confirmed
Shortendbind.comRegisterPayout Confirmed
Tokenfly.pwRegisterPayout Confirmed
Ourl.ioRegisterPayout Confirmed
Oturl.comRegisterPayout Confirmed
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  Did you guys love my post? Or been using one of the URL shortening sites mentioned above? Or encountered, find these sites suspicious “scammy”? Let us hear your voice by commenting the website name.

Lists of the Highest Paying URL Shortener 2018

Highest Paying URL Shortener 2018

URL Shortener sites offers good enough money by shrinking long URLs. Some of them pay less. But , if you are from a developed country like USA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA or Germany then you can earn $15–20 per 1000 clicks. (Which is good!)

But, if you are from developing country than it varies from site to can earn $5–10 per 1000 clicks.  Make money from url shortener was easy.  One was able to paste link in facebook groups pages etc but these days shorten links of these paying sites are not allowed to paste in Facebook. They will remove it. But still you can earn money through pasting these links in twitter whatsapp etc.

Join now and make money with URL Shortener now!

DwindlyJoin now
Adf.lyJoin now
Al.lyJoin now
Bc.vcJoin now
BitstlkJoin now
ClicksflyJoin now
CryptoadzJoin now
Link4winJoin now
LinkbucksJoin now
LinkshrinkJoin now
Oke.ioJoin now
LoadurlJoin now
Short2winJoin now
Shorte.stJoin now MinerJoin now
SpasteJoin now
LinkjustJoin now