What is Storeum Coin – Usage, Price, Supply and Rank

What is Storeum Coin?

defines itself as a decentralized marketplace which allows users to buy and sell products or services using cryptocurrencies.  What attracted me the most (since I am a seller myself) is that they support thousands of merchants and more listings without fees. Coin ticker is STO.

About Storeum 

What is the current market price of Storeum?

  • The current market price of Storeum is $2.31 USD 

What is the market rank of Storeum?

  • Storeum  Token ranks is #201 via CoinMarketCap.

What is the total supply of STO?

  • Total supply is 279,000,000 STO.
What is the circulating supply of STO?
  • Circulating supply is 278,998,364 STO.
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Where to Buy and Sell Storeum?

You can buy and sell Storeum at Finexbox.
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