WHO IS BITSAHARA – Introduction and Giveaway


A Global Initiative to Grow BTC Lightning Network Adoption. Educates crypto novice focusing on Bitcoin.

Bitsahara Team grows to 4,050 Twitter follower as of writing this.  I learned a lot from them  from basic to creating invoices and I am really excited of what this team can give us (knowledge) not only the sats. I have heard from them about #LightningNetwork and how to use it and this amaze me how lightning fast they sent sats unlike sending sats the wallet to wallet. I mean the classic way lol.

Then Wallet of Satoshi has partnered with Bitsahara where supporters grew rapidly.  My thoughts on Bitsahara, I virtually knew them for almost 2 months since I first won by participating their giveaway worth 50,000 satoshis (photo below) and they are one of my big influence on #mycryptocurrencyjourney. 



Bitsahara first giveaway



Because I have been their solid supporter, I also shared to the community half of my earnings from participating Bitsahara’s daily giveaway. #earnwhileyoulearn


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